Saturday, 19 July 2014

Another blog!

I started a blog last summer. I stopped a blog in about the autumn. I was too busy living life to be blogging about it as well! But I like blogging. I like writing. I like whimsical reflections and pondering on things myself. I am going to have another go. In case you are wondering why it is called ducks and daisies . . .that is a reflection of life at the moment. Yesterday we cycled along the canal path and Miss I (safely strapped to the back of the bike) shouted out duck every time we cycled past a swan. This afternoon on one of our regular outings we had to bend down and inspect every daisy. Miss A is very fond of feeding ducks. Miss A also likes making daisy chains. So it's a reflection of our interest in the great outdoors, from a smaller perspective. It also sounds quite nice when you say the words together - and somehow better than Daisies and Ducks.